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FOX News
Nov 28, 2009 7:00am EST
stores didn't fare as well? we'll ask the founder and ceo of america's group. nice to see you. look being at the lease. did it appear there were more crowds yesterday than last year? what are you seeing? our numbers said this year 37 percent of the consumers shopped on black friday compared to 33 percent last year. we saw on friday morning, more shoppers came out early to get the deals. because there was bargain driven consumers and last year best deals on big ticket items were all black friday. they brought out millions of people this morning. >> fred. clayton brought along. the zhu zhu hampster. >> i am told that is a hot selling item of the year and that's why clayton has it. he is a big zhu zhu fan. what other items were people looking for. >> be careful when adults play with one of those let me tell you. the big items this crist - christmas were flat panel tv sets. although retailers only had a dozen or so in their stores. computers continue to be a hot item. the video game industry hasn't had a great year. there was a lot of video games that sold well and some of the apparel categor
FOX News
Nov 14, 2009 7:00am EST
the latest on the entire trip. >> excellent. >>> and coming to america. calid sheik muhammad. accused mastermind will stand trial in federal court in new york city steps away from where the world towers once stood. we report and you decide. >> plus, looking at remanents of ida in ocean city, new jersey. flooding damaged the homes and six people dead as a result of that store. our slogan comes from steve sterling in illinois. it could be steve sterling. emporor. >> you never fail to light up my screen. it is better than shot of caffeine. >> yeah. >> it is fox and friends. >> aw, the rooster is crowing and good saturday morning to you all. thank you for joining us this morning. >> picking up the newspaper. you will see the new york post making head. of course, what everyone is talking about. calid steek muhammad now died . evil returning . >> it is what everyone in new york is talking about. the amount of security that will be involved in bringing the five 9/11 suspects here is unprecedented. what it will take to put them on trial here and is it worth it. >>> and i went to the family of
FOX News
Nov 21, 2009 7:00am EST
they can come and destroy america. thos what al qaeda is for. >> okay. what i would preferred to hear there is how. how? >> that is the big knock from liberals on sarah palin's comments. >> she didn't have a solution on how to win. the president doesn't know so why should she? he doesn't have an answer in afghanistan and iran. >> to be fair, the knock on him, he is fielding all of the different ideas in afghanistan. given on all of those permemiters. >> i think it is tough . it would have helped to hear what her theory is on how to win. >> let us know what you think about sarah palin's interview. >> we'll play much more. >> lawmakers are calling for treasure secretary tim geithner's resignation. he the bush administration. up next, we'll hear from bush's former secretary dana pireno what she thinks about it. >> before you buy the pop corn and soda. you could be consuming thousands of extra calories in the pop corn. we thought it was healthy. >> as person you failed, liberals are going in that consense us as well. for the sake of our jobs will you tep down from your post? >> a year ago
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 7:00am EST
that alleviate, you know, the pain and suffering that america is feeling with, you know, with joblessness? no, but to try to make, you know, the wall street are the fat cats, who by the way are making the money to pay back these, you know, the bailout money, i think it's misplaced. >> we're always trying to figure out what to make of all the numbers, but the dow again closed above 10,000, we're thinking, hey, things are good except for that whole 10.2 unemployment rate. what do we make of this? what's the indicator that's going to tell you it's turning around? >> the turning around, there's foe question for normal human beings, jobs being created is the one and only determinate how well the economy is going, granted. the stock market, though, guys, is looking nine to 12 months ahead. what the stock market sees as we slowly recover we are in the business cycle all of a sudden we'll start to see a self-fulfilling upswing. we know it's not right now, turning around and the business cycle, human nature runs the roost, here, guys and we'll get to a point where people start coming out of the bomb s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4